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New York City (NYC) Xray - Contact us today to receive New York City (NYC) Xrays. The state of the art Xray equipment and friendly staff at The New York Chiropractic Life Center can treat you immediately.

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New York City (NYC) X-ray

Are you in need of an X-ray in New York City (NYC)? Come for a visit with one of our doctors — Dr. Jay Handt, DC, Dr. Josh Handt, DC, or Dr. Morgan Handt, DC — at The New York Chiropractic Life Center and get a simple, fast New York City (NYC) X-ray examination.

With our X-ray tests, we can treat your New York City (NYC) chiropractic problems better by visualizing structural damage and misalignments in your bones and other structures. New York City (NYC) X-ray technology depends on electromagnetic radiation, as it sends photon beams through your body. Film or computer sensors collect the photons that pass through your body, producing an image, depending on the density of the material it passes through.

While you're getting an X-ray in New York City (NYC), you must stay still in order for a clear image to be produced. For this reason we typically request that patients even hold their breath for the short time of exposure to ensure the clarity of the image. The image is captured is either processed on special film or seen on a computer.

The different shades on the image produced are dependent on the object of study for your New York City (NYC) X-ray examination. The shade is determined by the density of the structure. Metal and bones appear completely white on the developed image. On the other hand, air — as in your lungs — shows up pure black on your film. For areas of fat, fluids, or muscles, differing shades of grey will show up.

When X-ray examinations are necessary for your chiropractic care, we will perform many different X-ray tests on-site at our clinic. We've equipped our office with the latest X-ray machines that have been registered and have passed inspection tests and the highest quality film. Therefore, only the sharpest images are produced, using the smallest amount of exposure in your X-ray in New York City (NYC). As soon as the images are produced, they are evaluated right away. If questionable findings are noted, it is then sent to a radiologist.

An X-ray in New York City (NYC) is not an option for everyone. The radiation used is particularly dangerous for fetuses and young children, so you should notify our doctors immediately if you are pregnant, possibly pregnant, or using an IUD. You must take off any jewelry and put on just a hospital gown, as essential X-ray data can be obscured by metal and certain clothing materials. If you have any further questions about a New York City (NYC) X-ray, please contact our office.

X-ray in New York City (NYC)